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Should You Consume Sea Moss While Breastfeeding?

Becoming a mother is a beautiful moment for any woman. However, this moment brings along numerous changes in the breastfeeding mother as well. Thus, it is advisable for the mother to take care of her diet and health at every step. Now, there are ample nutrients available for the mother to include in her meal, one being sea moss. 

Yes, you read it right! There are many benefits of consuming sea moss while breastfeeding.
However, many mothers still feel confused about whether to use sea moss or not when a mother is lactating. Well, here are some important points about the sea moss that can clear some myths about it. 

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What Is Sea Moss, And Why Is It Often Called A Superfood?

Sea moss is a red alga or seaweed. Its scientific name is Chondrus Crispus .

The Sea moss or seaweed looks like folate sea vegetables that are edible, and it has a sea-like odor and generally grows in water.

Sea moss is present in the ocean in different colors: yellow, red, brownish, purplish-brown, black, and green.

Nowadays, it is being known by a new name and its ‘superfood,’ why? Let’s see ahead!.

Raw Irish Sea Moss is known for its beneficial effects on the digestive system, skin, and hair.

Sea moss contains nutrients and vitamins absorbed by your skin cells and can give many positive results.

Sea moss lowers your acne issues and also helps lower aging. 

Golden Genus Gracilaria

Highlights: Nutrition composition of Sea moss 

  • Magnesium :3.33%
  • Phosphorus:2.29%
  • 5 grams: calories 
  • 0: Sugar 
  • 10 grams: Calories
  • Total fat: 0 grams
  • Iron: 11.13%
  • Vitamin B9:4.50%
  • Vitamin B2:3.62%
  • 1 gram: Carbohydrates
  • 0.5 grams: FIber 
  • The Daily Value’s 10%: Iron
  • 0 milligrams: Cholesterol 
  • 0.5 grams: of protein
  • 0 grams: Fat
  • 3 grams: carbs
  • 0.5 grams: Fiber
  • 7 milligrams: Sodium 
  • 0 grams: protein 
  • Calcium: 1% of the Daily Value (DV).

Many nutrients, vitamins, fatty acids, and proteins are present in sea moss that make it a superfood, and they are present in a rich amount.

According to a study published in BMC Complementary Medicine and Therapies, ” Sea moss can provide probiotics that are beneficial for the intestine by regulating flourishing bacteria.” (1)

Here we’ll know the reasons that make it worthy of being called a ‘superfood.’

Benefits Of Irish Moss

  • Pregnant and lactating ladies have used sea moss for a long time.

    Because its positive effects have been seen before, it is also liked by them. Before using any sea moss supplement, you should show your understanding and consult a doctor because any supplement should be used only after knowing its pros and cons while breastfeeding.

  • Sea moss as disease prevention: When your immune system is weak, you are at risk of getting sick early. By consuming sea moss supplements, you get rid of many diseases because it not only accelerates or boosts your immune system but also removes the deficiencies of your stomach.

  • Potential benefits for sea moss: Many possibilities about the use of it and its effects go astray because there is a lack of much research on them. However, now research is being done on them!. Besides this, sea moss can show its positive effects.  
    • Acne free skin
    • Detoxifying one’s body 
    • Hair growth 
    • Boosts immunity
    • They are suppressing cancer.

  • For healthy ovaries, iron supplements are considered very useful. The IronIron found in it is essential for your thyroid health. If someone is deficient in iodine in the body, he must consume sea moss; it will undoubtedly benefit him. One hundred grams of this algae is equal to Iron’s nine milligrams. Also, If a woman wants to use sea moss for conceiving, she must take twenty-six or 27 milligrams of Iron daily. For any person, 220 mcg of sea moss supplement is enough!. Sea moss is often considered a natural, healthier, and potent supplement. And also the best way to boost men and women’s fertility due to the presence of iodine.

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    According to the World Health Organization, the problem of Anemia occurs in those people whose body is deficient in iodine.
    If one consumes sea moss supplements, it fulfills the iodine deficiency in his body. 

Sea Moss And Breastfeeding

So far, no such research has been done to know that sea moss should be consumed while lactating.
It has not been proved that it increases the supply of breast milk in women.

Because sea moss reduces thyroid problems, that’s why it is given to pregnant ladies after and before childbirth.

And you must know how much iodine is necessary for your body to solve thyroid problems.

That is why, to meet the deficiency of iodine, any supplement or soup made from sea moss can be given to a pregnant lady.
But only after consulting a doctor about its amount and proper timing.

A black and white photo of a small kid

Can I Intake Sea Moss While Breastfeeding?

According to the sources, sea moss does not help increase the fertility of women and men but reduces the problem of libido.

After reducing libido problems, intimacy arises in them, which can play a good role in conceiving.

According to FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand), a lactating lady, child, and pregnant lady should not have brown seaweed more than one serve weekly!. (1)

So, sea moss while breastfeeding or nursing is good if it’s taken in a proper amount!.

Dosage And Precautions While Breastfeeding 

If you are a lactating woman, then you should use sea moss with great care as they grow in an environment where there are heavy metals (lead) and toxins are found.

Therefore, if you’re breastfeeding women, you should consult your doctor first.

One should not have sea moss of more than 224 milligrams.
Avoid using in high doses.
Have 2 to 3 tablespoons ( or as prescribed by your specialist) of sea moss for good results daily.

This seaweed is tasteless; you can add it to different foods, drinks, and dishes as well.
Sea moss is a plant-based substitute for thickening agents like gelatin that can be consumed as follows:

  • Smoothies
  • Juices
  • Cakes
  • Capsules 
  • Drinks or beverages 
  • Gel form 
  • Sauces
  • Ice creams 
  • Soups 
  • Stews.

Our Take On Sea Moss While Breastfeeding

Sea moss is available in powdered form and gel form.
Apart from this, it is also used in many beverages.

There are many side effects of sea moss, yet many sound effects have also been seen, so its uses cannot be denied. If consulted with a doctor and taken in an adequate quantity, then the minerals present in sea moss cannot harm your body.

 So, make use of sea moss while breastfeeding in the recommended amount and witness positive effects on your health. 


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