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sea moss pills vs sea moss gel

Sea moss Pills Vs Sea moss Gel: Some striking differences that you should know 

When you go to the market to buy the best sea moss capsules, you are not left with any choices. Firstly these are super expensive and secondly, you are not sure of its ingredients.

This is a reason we have come with this blog to enlighten you on how you can prepare organic sea moss capsules at home and enjoy their maximum benefits

Before deep-diving more inside the topic, let us first understand what is sea moss and why this superfood is the need of the hour.

What Is Sea Moss?

According to our research, Raw Irish Sea Moss is red algae that have a frilly-like appearance and grows between Europe and North America. 

This superfood is basically used as a thickening agent but has other solid benefits like improving the fertility rate, promoting weight loss, and reducing hair fall. 

golden sea moss in a bowl

There are two types of sea moss that are available in the market today one is known as Genus Gracilaria and the other is known as  Chondrus Crispus

Sea moss grows in various shades purple, green, red, yellow, and black. The most common shade that is used today is red.

Nutritional Value Of Sea Moss

The US Department of agricultural reported that every two servings of sea moss contain the following nutrients (1) 

  • Sugar: 0.2g 
  • Fat: 0 g 
  • carbohydrate 1.3g
  • protein: 0.2g 
  • iron:0.8
  • copper:0.9
  • zinc: 0.2
  • calcium:7.3mg

Things that you will need 

In order to prepare sea moss capsules, you will need the following things: 

  • Vegan capsules that are empty (00 sizes)
  • Capsule making machine 
  • A packet of sea moss 
  • Jars that can be sealed 
  • Coffee grinder 

sea moss pills

Step 1:  Breaking it into powdered form 

In order to prepare the sea moss powder;

  1. You would need to soak the dry sea moss in a bowl.
  2. Let it sit for 12 hours.
  3. Now drain the water in the next morning and start chopping the long braches of sea moss with a pair of scissors.
  4. Once your sea moss is finely chopped, put it in the blender.
  5. Blend it for good two minutes to get a thick paste.
  6. Now insert the paste in a dehydrator, so that sea moss achieves a crispy nature.
  7. Break this crispy sea moss and use the blender again.
  8. Blend it for two minutes you will notice, that your raw dried sea moss has taken a powdered form. 

Click here to know the detailed preparation of sea moss powder

Step 2:  Setting your capsule machine 

Generally has two size considerations: one is 0 size capsule and the other is known as 00 size capsules. Once you have set the set of the capsule, it’s time for you to prepare for the next step.

Step 3: Filling the powder and the capsules 

Some machines are automatic, where you need to insert the capsule and the powder and the machine will do the rest.

While others are manually operated where you need to open the capsule and start filling it in the capsule filling tray.

Step 4: Filling the machine with powder 

Since most of the machines are hand-operated, we are going to consider that to explain the process further.

Once you are done filling the tray with capsules it’s now time you fill the tray with powder. 

Step 5: Check the mix 

Remove your capsules from the tray and check if each capsule is loaded with proper quantities of sea moss powder. 

Make sure the powder is not falling from the side of the capsules or scattered all around the body of the capsules.

Step 6: Store the capsules 

Once done use a glass tray or an oxygen silicon bag to store the capsules and store them in a cool place for six months.

The result after six months is fully organic sea moss capsules that you have prepared yourself. 

How is sea moss consumed? 

Sea moss is consumed in powdered form, gel form, or through capsules.  The most common form of intake using sea moss gel in smoothies.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts take sea moss as their daily protein intake in the form of powder. 

While others take it as a vitamin capsule limiting two one or two capsules per day.  So if you are wondering how much sea moss to take daily? The answer lies with you.

Since you need to decide the consumption level of sea moss based on your body. Though we highly recommend that you don’t overdo it, as overconsumption of sea moss may lead to serious side effects.

How is sea moss gel made? 

Making sea moss gel has an easy learning curve.

A jar filled with sea moss gel

First, you need to take a small portion of dried sea moss and placed it in a bowl with 1 cup of water. Now let the sea moss sit for 8 hours. 

Once done take out the sea moss in a saucepan and cook it on medium heat. This will make the sea moss plump and turn it into a yellow creamy paste.  Now blend the sea creamy paste with any nourishing oil inside a blender to get a thick paste of sea moss 

Click here to know the detailed preparation of sea moss gel

Difference between sea moss Pills and sea moss gel 

Criteria Sea moss gel Sea  moss powder
Usage Used in smoothies and as a thickening agent Used as vitamin capsules 
Dosage 2 tablespoons of everyday 1 capsule every day 
Benefits Makes your hair and skin healthyRepair cellular damage, boost immunity systems and heal damaged bones 
Portability Not very portable as sea moss gel has chances of getting leakage of the container does have a tight lidExtremely portable since capsules of no chance of leakage
Visibility Can only be consumed only indoor Can be consumed anywhere

Benefits of sea moss gel

This spiny vegetable definitely deserves a place in your diet because it is filled with several benefits. Some of the remarkable benefits of sea moss gel can be listed as follows

A magical product for hair fall: when you start using sea moss gel on daily basis you will notice that your hair fall issues have reduced significantly.
Since it’s sulfur-rich, say bye-bye to dandruff forever and also it would provide you with natural shine.

Loose more than 20 pounds: When you include sea moss in your daily diet. Your snacking will automatically get limited.
You will less hungry because you have already got the vitamins and minerals that are needed by your body

No more fertility issues: Sea moss gel is extremely rich in vitamin B, zinc, and calcium.
The deficiency of these nutrients is one of the main reasons why women struggle in getting pregnant. Taking sea moss on daily basis will increase your chance of getting fertile tenfold 

Final verdict

Consuming sea moss in any form is super beneficial for you.
If you are constantly on run due work or personal errands we believe sea moss capsules should be your first choice since its super portable. It’s like carrying a pocket-size powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients with you all the time. 

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