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purple sea moss vs golden sea moss

Purple Sea Moss vs. Gold Sea Moss

Purple sea moss vs Gold sea moss is one of the hottest topics of confusion for people wanting to know more about this superfood.

Sea moss is a type of algae and seaweed found in the sea.

It mainly grows in the rocks along the coast of the Atlantic ocean.

Additionally, sea moss is found in abundance in areas like the British Isles and Northern Europe. However, you can find it in food, medicines, and other forms around the world.

If you want to know more about this mysterious food, please continue reading this blog. Through this article, you will gain in-depth knowledge about sea moss. 

Today, we will describe two species below, whose knowledge and understanding you will get through this blog.

There are several species of Sea moss, and they differ from each other in terms of color, texture, and health benefits.

Two of these various types of sea moss are – purple sea moss and golden sea moss. So, let’s look at this informative article about ‘Purple Sea Moss vs. Golden Sea Moss.’

Table of Contents

What Is Sea Moss?

Sea moss is a sea vegetable harvested to use in health supplements. It is scientifically known as Chondrus Crispus. It is algae grown in water and belongs to the seaweed family.
A unique quality about sea moss is that it is an edible plant found in the sea. It has been in the healthcare and food industry for years. 

Raw Irish Sea moss is gaining attention for its benefits to the human body due to celebrities posting about it. Sea moss is considered a superfood mainly consumed in the vegan diet. 

Raw purple chondrus crisupus in an ocean bed

Additionally, many people who have a gluten-free diet can add sea moss to their diet. Several recipes are available to do the same in scrumptiously delicious and healthy ways.

To learn and understand more about sea moss, you should continue reading our blog.

Other names of sea moss include Irish moss because it was the primary plant eaten by the Irish during its potato famine of the 1800s.

Another name is carrageen moss because of its high concentration of carrageenan, an adhesive or binding substance often used as thickeners and emulsifiers in food items.

What Is Purple Sea Moss?

Purple sea moss or red sea moss is the most common form of sea moss that we see out there.
It is scientifically known as Genus Gracilaria.

The purple color of purple sea moss comes from a powerful antioxidant called Anthocyanin, which is also found in other blue or green plants, making them rich in antioxidants.

This is what makes the difference in purple sea moss, its phytonutrients. 

Anthocyanin is essentially pigments of a blue-purple hue found naturally in ecosystems.

Other than sea moss, other examples of edible plants rich in anthocyanin content are berries like cranberries, blueberries, blackberries, blackcurrants, etc., and aubergines cherries red cabbage.

Purple Chondrus crispus in a white bowl

Where Does Purple Sea Moss Grow?

Purple sea moss is mainly found in the Caribbean region. It is harvested from the coast of St. Lucia.

It is located in Jamaica in gel, raw forms, oil, lip balm, powder, and soap. Additionally, you can consume it plain as it is a nutrient-rich food. 

Benefits of Purple Sea Moss

Here are a few pros of purple sea moss: 

  • Improves gut and health digestion: Purple sea moss is a good superfood that helps in the body’s digestion process. It has a great source of live bacteria and fiber, supporting gut function.
  • Improves thyroid function: Iodine helps in the proper functioning of the thyroid glands in the body.
    The thyroid glands are essential to the body as they control your metabolism and mood.
    With the high iodine content, purple sea moss helps ensure your thyroid glands function correctly. 
  • Helps boost your mood: Purple sea moss contains many essential vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals help in boosting your energy and mood levels. Some include magnesium, potassium, iron, and vitamin B2 and B9.
    All these vitamins and minerals help in boosting your energy and mood levels.
  • Improves skin health: Because of the presence and high concentration of anthocyanins in purple sea moss, which are anti-oxidizing agents, consuming purple sea moss in any form is fantastic for improving the appearance of the skin, not only in terms of giving it a glow but also for bettering the texture and preventing it from wrinkling.

What Is Golden Sea Moss?

Golden sea moss is the variety of sea moss that is most common.

Golden sea moss is known as Genus Gracilaria Sea Moss.

It is primarily sun-dried sea moss, which gives it a golden hue.

Golden sea moss has minimal smell and taste. It is rich in amino acids, vitamin A and C, omega-3, and minerals like iodine, zinc, and iron. 

Golden Genus Gracilaria

Where Does Golden Sea Moss Grow?

The Golden sea moss is mainly grown in the Caribbean region. It is harvested and sundried from St. Lucia.
You can consume golden moss through supplements, powder forms, or gel forms. Additionally, you can add it to smoothies or different foods. 

Benefits of Golden Sea Moss

Here are a few benefits of using golden sea moss in your cooking: 

  • Improves metabolism: One of the essential things about sea moss is that it improves your metabolism. The mineral and vitamin-rich algae help in increasing the metabolic rate of your body. If you find it hard to improve your metabolic rate, you should start including sea moss in your diet. 
  • Improves blood circulation: Golden sea moss enhances the blood circulation in your body. Additionally, it helps in improving your blood sugar levels, improves your cholesterol, and reduces the risk of heart diseases. 
  • Aids in recovery: Golden sea moss helps relieve joint and muscle injuries if you have had an injury.
  • Improves your skin and hair health: One of the benefits of golden sea moss is that it helps in improving your skin health. Additionally, it helps maintain hair health as it is a toner and nourisher. Besides consuming golden sea moss, you can use it directly on your skin. It works well for sunburns, dermatitis, and psoriasis. 

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sea moss benefits for skin

Final Take

The ocean floor is home to a variety of different species.

In this blog, we have only described two types of sea moss- purple sea moss and golden sea moss. The main reason is that these two are the most commonly used. People use these two types of sea moss as they are beneficial to the body. 

Sea moss is a superfood that is very beneficial to the body. It positively impacts every part of the human body.
Purple and golden sea moss are two sea mosses trusted and used by manufacturers.
They both have benefits as they help your body and mind in several ways.

Sea moss helps in improving your blood circulation, gut function, boosts your mood and energy levels, and, lastly, improves skin health. Many people have added these things to their diets and are seeing excellent results. 

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