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is sea moss good for arthtritis

The New Health Boss For Arthritis—A Sea Moss-Based Treatment!

Plants are the best chemists in the world. Recently Irish sea moss has become the talk of the whole world. It has become one of the most popular superfoods with a plethora of benefits. 

Does Sea Moss also cure Arthritis?
It’s more than a question of yes or no. Curious? Read away!

Table of Contents

What Is Sea Moss?

You must have heard the name of Irish sea moss. Irish sea moss — also known as carrageen moss or Chondrus crispus — is a seaweed that belongs to the category of red algae.

It shows many benefits and a broad color variation, ranging from golden yellow to reddish-purple.

golden sea moss in a bowl

Alfredo Darrington Bowman, popularly known as Dr. Sebi, had a significant role in popularizing Irish sea moss.

Dr. Sebi would always mention Irish sea moss.

But, why specifically “Irish” sea moss? That’s because it came from the Atlantic ocean where Ireland is. Sea moss grows in Japan, China, and other Asian countries.
Added benefits of sea moss
make it unique.

The human body consists of 102 minerals (1). Among these, 92 reside in the sea moss itself. Sea mosses offer countless benefits to the human body, including physical, physiological, and emotional well-being.

Few Benefits Of Sea Moss

  1. Anti-aging: Irish sea moss contains various collagen builders that can make your skin look younger. Antioxidants present in numerous sea mosses play a significant role in anti-aging.

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  2. Weight management: Carrageen is a hydrocolloid obtained from red algae. Sea moss stores it as a food reserve and acts as an appetite suppressor, making you feel full.
    The feeling of fullness helps you lose weight.
  3. Cures skin and hair problems: Sea moss contains Vitamin K and E, which nourish your hair and skin. Sea moss also helps treat conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and burns. 
  4. Reduces dark circles: Vitamin C and Vitamin K present in the raw Irish sea moss remove pigmentation and thus reduce dark circles. 
  5. Mood enhancer: In sea moss, there are high levels of potassium and magnesium, which act as mood enhancers.
    You can consume sea moss in various forms like smoothies, powder, gel, drinks, supplements, etc.
  6. Thyroid functioning: Our thyroid gland requires iodine to function at its fullest.
    Algae such as sea moss are a natural source of iodine (2), making them beneficial for preventing iodine deficiency.Iodine deficiency can cause bodily changes to appear within a week for some people.

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Is Sea Moss Good For Arthritis?

The human body can suffer from five different types of arthritis. Among these, osteoarthritis is the most common type of arthritis, followed by rheumatoid arthritis.

Difference between Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis 

is sea moss good for arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis

CAUSEAs a result of age-related wear and tear.

It is an autoimmune disorder
TARGET PARTSIt targets weight-bearing joints like fingers, hips, and knees.

It targets joints, bones, and internal organs.

EFFECTSJoints ache but have no swelling.

Joints are painful, feel stiff, and swollen.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 1.5 million people have rheumatoid arthritis, and 27 million have osteoarthritis.

Sea moss can increase one’s immunity, fight against inflammation, and promote better functioning of joints.

More research in this field will lead to some incredible arthritis cures.

How Does Sea Moss Benefit The Bones?

Sea moss soothes soft tissues. It is helpful for athletes, sportspeople, gym freaks, and gymnasts prone to joint discomfort.

Sea moss contains omega-3 fatty acids and fatty oils.
Omega-3 fatty acids are among the most effective anti-inflammatory agents and reduce swelling and joint pain.

Sea moss is also known for the sulfonated polysaccharides present in it.

Sulfonated polysaccharides remove superficial microorganisms from the skin, which means inflammation won’t occur.

Authentic v/s Fake Irish Moss

It becomes increasingly difficult to find products of high quality in this growing money-making era.

Though it’s an inexpensive source of nutrients, factory-grown sea moss is scamming people like no other.

Wildcrafted sea moss is grown in its natural habitat, while factory-made sea moss grows in the nutrient medium.

Authentic sea moss will have tiny and thin tentacles.

Fake sea moss will have comparatively large and thick tentacles.

Tentacles won't be holding on to salt.
Salt particles would be present all over the tentacles.

Its size won't expand much when put in hot water in a pot.

It will expand to as big as three times its size when put in hot water.

Sun-dried sea moss

Artificially dried sea moss

Do not lose its nutrients.

Nutrients get lost.

No artificial heat treatment is required.

Machine-dried, but still some moisture remains.

Factory-made sea moss is not very healthy.

Factory-made sea moss goes into large brines and passes through the salty water.
It forms a large quantity of sea moss from just a bit of it.

But it’s not going to help you with arthritis.

Ocean Irish moss naturally grows in the Atlantic Ocean and is the best sea moss for the treatment.

Sea moss acts like a calcium powerhouse. It helps build strong bones and prevents osteoporosis and arthritis. Due to high magnesium levels, it also helps with calcium absorption.

Consumption And Precautions

Such supplements always raise doubts and make one wonder, “does it have any side effects?”

There are no exact figures, but a study published in Environmental Science and Pollution Research found that a daily intake of 4g or a limit of 2 tablespoons (10g) does not affect normal body functions or health.

But consumption in large doses can be troublesome. Let’s take a look at a few side effects of sea moss (17):

  • Iodine hyperactivity: Irish Sea moss contains iodine necessary for T4, thyroxine, production by our thyroid gland. Iodine intake above the average level can cause disease. Some of these are:

    – Hyperthyroidism
    – Hypothyroidism
    – Goitre
    – Hashimoto disease
    – Thyroid cancer

  • Heavy metals: Sea moss may contain toxic and harmful metals like mercury, lead, and arsenic. It can cause a burning sensation in the mouth, throat, and stomach, even cancer.

  • Fishy smell: Because it is grown in oceans, it has a stinky fishy smell, which might gross you out. If you are averse to seafood, it will be hard to consume sea moss for you.

The Final Verdict

Arthritis is a common joint disorder that can affect the joints of the hand, wrist, feet, and knees.
Symptoms include joint pain and stiffness that are often worse in the morning.
Joint pain results from deterioration of the cartilage that cushions the bones in the joint.

The cartilage becomes worn down over time due to abnormal joint movements.

The pain and debilitating effects of arthritis are well known, but some recent studies have shown that sea moss can help relieve arthritis symptoms.

Sea moss is easily accessible and available in different forms such as capsule, powdered, dried, and gel form.

You can even consume it daily.

However, ensuring that you consume the right amount of Sea Moss is also essential.

Consult a healthcare professional and take their advice before diving into the endless benefits of Sea Moss.

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