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how to make sea moss powder

How To Make Sea Moss Powder in 5 Easy Steps 

What Is Sea Moss?

A seaweed that generally grows on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and it’s used for its thickening properties in the food industry can be termed as sea moss
Though it’s extensively used in the food industry this superfood is also loved due to other solid benefits like:

1. Immune system booster: Consuming sea moss daily may improve your gut health, as it provides excellent digestive support by cleansing your body naturally. 

2. Natural energy booster: Since sea moss is the powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, it improves your metabolism at a significant rate and this gives your body natural energy.

3. Easy to consume: Sea moss can be consumed in powdered form or in gel form.
Just by adding little sea moss to your smoothies, food dish, or coffee you can enjoy a burst of antioxidants in your body, which is helpful in preventing cancer. 

How To Make Sea Moss Powder

Sea moss powder can be incredible for your body’s metabolism as it is packed with 92 minerals that are needed by the human body.
Consuming sea moss in powdered form will make you feel fuller during the entire day and limit your snacking.
You will automatically contribute to your weight loss. 

Now you must be wondering that you already have a sea moss gel, does that mean you have to buy a powdered form for consuming it?

Sea moss powder in a big white spoon

The answer is a resounding no.
We will provide you with a step-by-step technique on how to prepare sea moss powder from its gel variation.  

Things that you will need 

  • Sea moss gel 
  • Bowl 
  • Water 
  • Blender
  • Food chopper or a scissor 

Step 1: Soaking 

  • Soaking is done so that vitamins and minerals present in the sea moss gel can be absorbed by the body. Hence it’s very important that you soak the sea moss gel for twelve hours.
  • Take a bowl and some water and let the soaking process begin.
  • Once soaked, you will need to drain the water and prepare yourself for the next step. 

Step 2: Chopping and blending 

  • The sea moss gel that is available in the market has long branches.
    So you need to chop those branches into little pieces with a chopper or scissor and then place in on the blender.
  • Chopping the sea moss gel into small pieces will ensure that your blender doesn’t get damaged.
  • Blend it for a good two minutes. 

Step 3: Use a food dehydrator 

  • Once you get the thick sea moss paste after blending, it’s now time to insert that inside a food dehydrator.
  • Let the sea moss paste dehydrate overnight and wait till the morning to kick start the next step. 

Step 4: Break and blend again

  • Once you let your sea moss dehydrate overnight, you will notice that the paste has now become crispy like chips.
  • Now you have to break down this crispy structure into small pieces by using your hand.
  • Put these small pieces again in the blender and keep it blending for over a minute.
  • Now you will notice that your sea moss gel has actually turned powder. 

Step 5: Take out the powdered form and store it in an empty container 

Once you get powdered from your blender, there will be a lot of powder that will be scattered around the blender.
Very carefully collect all the scattered powder and the main quantity of powder from the blender and put it in an empty container to use anytime you want  

When to use sea moss powder

Think of sea moss powder as protein powder. Some use protein powder for muscle build-up, some use it for performance recovery while others use it for workout and endurance training. 

Every individual has a different set of reasons for using their protein powder. Hence if you are exploring the internet on how to use powdered sea moss for maximum benefit, there is no specific answer for it as this is a controversial topic.

sea moss powder smoothie

How to use sea moss powder

During a study (1), researchers made a group of 30 people, and 15 of them were told to consume protein just before a workout, and the other 15 were instructed to take it immediately after it. 

When the results were seen, it was found that protein taken before or after a workout doesn’t affect muscle strength. So it’s been proven that sea moss powder can be taken throughout the day, and is not limited to exercise only.

Sea moss and bladderwrack smoothie

Just mix sea moss powder with water or any liquid and make yourself a ready-to-drink shake.

Final verdict

Include sea moss powder in your daily lifestyle as it’s a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals.
Use moderate quantities of sea moss powder as overconsuming it would lead to hypothyroidism, diarrhea, and patchy skin 

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